are you ready to clear your nail fungus once and for all?

Get a price list and learn the secret of cold laser

it's simple

4-6 treatments

80% of our clients we recommend 4-6 treatments. Extreme cases may require 8-10 treatments

Pain free

Unlike hot laser, it's totally pain free

97% success rate

Clinical studies carried out in the UK using cold laser delivered a 97% success rate after 48 weeks

so what’s cold laser all about?

Cold laser uses low level laser to weaken the cells of the fungus and stimulates blood flow to enable your body's own immune system to fight the fungus naturally

Cold Laser
  • Pain free
  • It's totally safe
  • It actually works
Other Treatments
  • Low rates of success
  • Hot laser is painful
  • May compromise health
'Very happy with the treatment! My nails are finally clear after having fungus for many years. It took me 8 treatments to have clear nails.' – Scott A.
'I had fungus on my big toe nail for almost 10 years following an injury. It took 3 months for my nails to be cleared. So happy with the treatment every appointment is simple, fast and efficient. Communication re appointments was great and the staff are very friendly.' – Jessica L.
'Service was professional, friendly, non-judgemental and the process was easy.' – Gary S.
'Cold laser cleared my nails with only 5 treatments. I was overwhelmed with the results. The service provided was professional and I'd highly recommend this clinic to anyone.' – Nola M.
'After researching different treatments to fix my nails, I came across Clear Nail Laser Clinics. Within 6 months of treatment I have noticed 50% of healthy nail growth. I am very happy with the progress and the information provided by the clinicians. I'd recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for an alternative way for treating nail fungal problems.' – Rachelle B.
'I had a fungal nail condition for 10 years and it took a good eight months to see 50% of new healthy nail growth. It does take time but don’t give up. Mandy is terrific. Her thorough filing has really made a difference in helping me get the results' – Kerry K.

with a 97% success rate, why bother with creams or painful hot laser treatments?