Consultation Approach and Price List


The cost for the initial consultation is $150. Subsequent treatments are $135 per session and we also offer discounted treatment bundles.

Typically our clients require four to six sessions to eliminate their nail fungus.

The treatment we provide is very comprehensive – you’ll receive the latest cold laser treatment plus a series of treatment steps before and after the laser treatment which we have developed over time to achieve the best results for our clients.


In your initial consultation you should expect the following:

  1. A detailed briefing on nail fungus how the laser treatment works
  2. An detailed analysis of your nails, including photos and measurements and a recommended treatment program
  3. Cleaning and filing back of your nails using a podiatry electronic file to prepare your nails for the cold laser treatment
  4. We’ll sanitise your shoes using a specialist UV shoe sanitisation machine to kill all live fungal spores in your shoes
  5. Laser treatment

After your initial laser treatment, we’ll provide:

  1. A fresh pair of new socks to wear immediately after the treatment to preserve your new fungus free toes
  2. A custom post-treatment program to ensure that you are armed with the information and materials to prevent re-infection

I will also send you this information via email, so you have that on file for your reference.

When the time is right, call the clinic on 027 590 8955 to book an appointment, or book a consultation online by clicking book online


Kind regards

Ben & The Clear Nail Laser Clinics Team

027 590 8955

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